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About Tplaza

Our Mission

Serving Modern Varieties Products to Australia & Worldwide for English/Chinese Bilingual families.

TPLAZA was developed as an eCommerce platform in 2011 by Kupiter Pty Limited. TPLAZA’s main product line started with books from all Traditional Chinese Publishers and had a specific focus on Language Education to fulfil the needs of a modern, bilingual lifestyle. On the journey of our development, TPLAZA expanded into more product lines like education materials, toys, multimedia, travel accessories, phone plans etc .... along the same mission,

In Mid 2015, Tplaza opened its first own physical shop in the most prominent multicultural city of Chatswood to realise our O2O business model for channel expansion. TPLAZA now has thousands of online and retail members while we continue our mission to bring Modern Varieties to our customers.

1. Unique Features of Tplaza

Cross-border: Tplaza has its headquarter in Sydney, aiming to provide consumers with products that have good demand yet not commonly found in local market.
Multicultural: Tplaza has English/Chinese and multi-currency options.
O2O: Tplaza has its own bookshop in Sydney, and several retail chains in Sydney and Melbourne. Customers can order online and choose to collect the goods at our retail stores to save on delivery cost.
English and Chinese Bilingual Interface & Storeviews
International Payment Gateway  

2. Products & Services

The T of Tplaza can stand for:  Trending, Teaching, Technology, Touch, Travel, Tea & Ticketing. Tplaza products are mainly selected items of innovative and designer brands. Many of them are new items freshly introduced to the market. Our goal is to provide more product diversity to the Australian consumers. 

Tplaza has the world largest Chinese Book database in the biligual portal, it alsos bring a wide variety of quality products from innvative brand suppliers. Tplaza is unlike eBay where familiar items and brands compete on price, and it is certainly not an Alibaba model where dubious supplier behaviour is rampant. Products in Tplaza have been handpicked for their fine design and innovative values and we are confident in developing an international market for the most discerning tastes in Modern Varieties.
Tplaza has multiple channels comprising of its online store and shops/franchises.
Local B2C Services
As a B2C retailer we provide Tplaza Academy courses such as Chinese for kids.
Consumers can also sign up for Vodafone plans with our friendly, bilingual staff.
Tplaza also hosts monthly activities in the shopping centre, such as "Kid's Craft" and “Secondhand Book Exchange" activities.
Ticketing service combined with our marketing to promote Movies/ Orchestra. eg 看見臺灣 澳洲首映, 長榮交響樂澳洲雪梨歌劇院首演/布里斯本市政廳演出。

3. Marketing with Tplaza

Tplaza is the express gateway to international market. Many designers & innovative brands choose Tplaza as their international marketing platform. We offer marketing consultancy, English/Chinese translation services, product channel placement, & online campaign.
Tplaza is a Google Partner. Tplaza has done a good job on SEO and is recpgnised as the number one English-Chinese marketplace in Australia and Online with international targeting capability. Tplaza is a Certified Google Partner in "Google Adwords" & "Google Analytics". Our platform is implemented with tracking code for Enhanced Ecommerce. We consistently run google shopping campaigns, and remarketing campaigns in Search and Display Network. This brings great advantage to the selective vendors in Tplaza with most advanced e-commerce Analytics insight.