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Lunch & Learn (Tuesdays 12:00 - 12:45pm, free session!)

"Mobile is eating the world"  -- Ben Evans.  
  Do you have the appetite for more apps?
Turn your lunch time into learning time where we explore the use of mobile technologies for fun and productivity.
Find out if you are equipped with the right gear or apps.

T-Talk Business Networking

It is no secret that most of us prefer to work with businesses that we know, like and trust.

T-Talk Business Networking sessions are excellent ways to meet like-minded business professionals in an environment conducive for exchange of ideas and exploration of project potentials.

Held on selected mornings from 8:00am -10:00am, each session runs for 2 hours.

There are 3 parts to each T-Talk Business Networking event:

1. Self-introduction. Each attendee has 3 minutes to talk about himself/herself and his/her business.

2. Talk of the day. Presentation by a speaker on a selected topic. 20 mins plus 10min of Q&A.

3. 1-on-1 talks. 3 rounds of 10 minutes each. Each attendee has the chance to exchange business enquiries with 3 others.

Open now for registration. Seats are limited. Attendance fee is $30 including breakfast. Please email to secure a seat, or call 9410 2950 for more information.

T-Talk Lessons

Structured lessons to address the details, tips and tricks of mobile applications so as to gain control of projects, improve productivity and achieve profitable outcomes.
The following lessons have been planned. More topic suggestions are welcomed.
- lesson 1 Master your Mobile 
- lesson 2 Note taking / Evernote / Journaling / Voice Apps / Audio 
- lesson 3 Focus/ Productivity/ Habits/ Goal setting
- lesson 4 Photo Editing & Management
- lesson 5 Banking / Finance / Budgeting
- lesson 6 Travel / Food apps
- lesson 7 Calendar / Agenda 
- lesson 8 Drawing 
- lesson 9 Ebooks / Audio books / Mags / Content aggregator
- lesson 10 Automation IFTTT
- lesson 11 Review of popular apps, Q&A
- lesson 12 Health & Fitness 
 Please email or call 9410 2950 for more information.

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