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TPLAZA Google Adwords Service

Marketing with Tplaza 

Tplaza is the express to international market. Many designers & innovative brands choose Tplaza as their international marketing platform. We offer marketing consultancy, English/Chinese translation services, product channel placement, & online campaign.

Tplaza is a Google Partner. Tplaza has done a good job on SEO and is reckoned as the number one English-Chinese market place in Australia and Online with international targeting capability. Tplaza is a Certified Google Partner in "Google Adwords" & "Google Analytics", our platform is implemented with tracking code for Enhanced Ecommerce. We run consequently google shopping campaign, and remarketing campaigns in Search and Display Network. This brings great advantage to the selective vendors in Tplaza with most advanced e-commerce Analytics insight.

For more information, please email :  Skype : kupiter

Tplaza has implemented code for analytics purposes, we constantly run effective campaigns for our suppliers & clients.  Tplaza adapts google translator at frontend, and there are English, Chinese, & Simplified Chinese Storeviews. These enables Tplaza to attract a good segment wealthy multicultural people who find comfortable to browse and search products in our multi-language interface. We also implemented international payment gateway for overseas consumers. 

If you are targeting to multicultural audience/customers, be it B2B or B2C, we are able to target for you. Our campaign setup cost is reasonable and often combined with our online shelfing services. Below are few examples of the ADs found in Google Display Network.

Dynamic Ads will show products that the users are interested according his/her online profile, Here are few examples. 

Ads : China Airlines Sydney <> Christchurch Special Rate

Responsive ADs of E.Tel 


Dynamic Ads show in SMH Sydney Morning Herrald


Campaign : Dynamic Remarketing 



Ads shown  on Desktop:

Evergreen Symphone Orchestra Australia Debut
長榮交響樂悉尼歌劇院演出 布里斯本澳洲首演 


Fashion Bags



TVCube to Japan 


Our Google Ads promoting Hot.Author Facebook Fan page is more cost-effective than running Ads with Facebook




Tplaza is very good at Mandarin ADs Copy, this special gift is an advantage to our local clients who uses English only.


ADs shown on mobile phone


Stop leak your advertising budget now and  get a free consultation on geting effective campaign.

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