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Eastwood 網點(新華書店)取貨已開通

2 August 2017 2:23:49 pm AEST


Now you can find Tplaza books & products at XinHua Bookstore Eastwood, also available for stock-pickup!

新華書店地址: 148 Rowe Street, Eastwood NSW 2122

即日起網上下單,也可以到Eastwood 的新華書店取貨!

只要在運送方式 DeliveryMethod 選擇取貨地點,貨到就通知您來取貨。

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Thank You 2016

29 December 2016 10:52:25 am AEDT

Tplaza wishes you a happy end of the year!
哈台舘 祝您新年快樂!

In 2016 we widely increased our range of books and products, launched our secondhand book exchange, participated in the National Garage Sale, and ran several T-talks.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of activities, and look forward to our exciting plans ahead in 2017.

If you have any suggestions on which products, services or events you would lik...

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Example of Tplaza Dynamic Responsive Ads

22 December 2016 11:55:26 am AEDT

Dynamic ads is a type of Google Ads that shows on "Display Network" partner websites & Apps.

The Ads  appears on the available space when it is related to the visitor's previous browing history, thereby matching the potential interest of the visitor. This increase the chance that the visitor will take an interest in the Ad and click on one any of the images. 

There are variant sizes of the ads to fi...

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Coupon Code HOHOHO HAPPY2017

15 December 2016 12:45:40 pm AEDT

Fine Discount Coupon Codes below @ check out 

HAPPY2017 Stationery

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5 November 2016 4:31:01 pm AEDT






在這本書裡,戴老師要和讀者分享蒐羅自全球各地的奇聞軼事,以幽默逗趣的生花妙筆,精采描述大千世界的小人物故事,   用一則則奇人奇事,告訴我們:這個世界天天都有令人驚奇的事情發生。   

Go Go!加油!只要敢變、敢突破,沒有什麼事「不可能」。  



當朝陽升起, 我們要用微笑,迎向陽光;用自信與決心,創造生命奇蹟!

更多介紹與圖片 :

作者: 近藤麻理惠


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T-Talk Networking Event

4 October 2016 8:03:47 am AEDT

9月30日的T-Talk于哈台舘 順利舉行,感謝與會嘉賓在長假的前一天一大早8點準時到達,熱烈地參與並分享彼此的專業。

Tplaza T-Talk business networking seminar wrapped up successfully on 30 September! Our guests were warmly greeted with gift packs and refreshments. The seminar allowed guests to learn about the application of Evernote as well as network with various business professionals, entrepreneurs and managers!

Watch the video highlights here!

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T-Talk Business Networking

1 September 2016 5:54:54 pm AEST

T-Talk Business Networking ,

Our first T-Talk Business Networking event will be on Friday, 30 September 2016, from 8:00am - 10:00am.

This event is sponsored by Kupiter (Tplaza).

The venue is: G03, 61-65 Albert Ave, Mandarin Shopping Centre, Chatswood NSW 2067

Please register early as places are limited to 15.

Please email,  or call 9410 2950 to secure a seat.

 T-Talk Business Net...

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30 August 2016 5:26:33 pm AEST


iPhone 手機也可以有整點報時的功能,今天要介紹的這個 App, 就叫 Diii App.





可供選擇的聲音還包括周傑倫, S.H.E. 播報時間,還可以選擇提醒起床,運動,吃藥…等等的聲音,也可以自己錄製不超過30秒的語音提示,與全球用戶分享,全球各種語言的報時都可以在編輯精選后提供使用。

當然,作爲一個報時工具,Diii 也支持Apple Watch。

Diii App 實用又好玩,讓你享受時...

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