Tplaza Secondhand Books Exchange

Bring your Secondhand books to exchange for new ones!

二手書換新書 ! 

 Place: Ground Floor, Mandarin Centre


家裏是否有太多藏書 平時束之高閣 丟掉又可惜呢?!
你有沒有想過, 這些塵封在書架的好書, 可能對其他人來説是遍尋不着的珍藏哦! 我們希望好書能有更多的人看到,

快快將你覺得值得分享的二手書送到哈台舘,還可以兌換新書, 一舉兩得, 心動不如馬上行動哦! 

How to participate:

1.Bring your 2nd hand books and create an account in Tplaza.  Limited one carton per person.

    請將二手書帶到哈台舘, 並注會員冊帳號成爲賣家。每人一箱為限。

2. Price your books no more than 50% of the market price or lower.


3. If books are sold you will get credit in your Tplaza account in Reward Points with the same value.


4. The credit can be used to purchase items from Tplaza.


5. Not yet a member? Register now!    還不是會員? 馬上注冊去 


Term & Condition

• Tplaza reserves the right to reject any book that is not suitable for the Fair, at its own discretion.


• Sellers shall collect the unsold books within 10 days after notification, or the books will be at full disposal by Tplaza.