An Order Confirmation email will be sent for online orders.

Delivery time:  The order will be despatched within 2 - 10 working days depending on the stock availability.

Delivery Services are performed by Tplaza appointed forwarders.  

The shipping rate for Books and other products:

Gross Weight (kg) Australia Canada UK USA   China
0.5 12.7 12.8 14.47 12.8 10
1 17.7 17.8 20 17.8 10
1.5 20.7 21.8 25.53 21.8 15
2 25.7 26.8 31.06 26.8 20
2.5 30.7 31.8 36.6 31.8 25
3 35.7 36.8 42.13 36.8 30
3.5 40.7 41.8 47.66 41.8 35
4 45.7 46.8 53.19 46.8 40
4.5 50.7 51.8 58.72 51.8 45
5 55.7 56 64.26 56 50

For other regions not listed above, there will be an estimated quote of shipping in shopping cart.

Tplaza takes full responsibility for secure delivery to the correct shipping address provided.  Customers will receive a shipping notice of reminder upon delivery, along with available tracking information. 

Each country has its custom regulation that we need to comply, in case an order content need special logistics arragement we will contact the customer to sort out necessary process and action.


Return & Refund Policy

As a general practice, Tplaza customers have a legal right to return the goods and obtain a refund if the product is found faulty or there exists a mismatch between the product and its description. To obtain a refund, the product should be returned within a reasonable time.  The product must not be disposed, lost, destroyed, or damaged.

Tplaza will grant a refund if the product:

  •  has an identical item that is selling cheaper from any other ecommerce site in Australia. Refund amount will be the difference of the price.
  •  is defective without fault of the buyer;

  •  is not for the purpose as stated; or

  •  does not match the description.

Tplaza normally grant 7 days for product examination in cases of any item defects or unfitness. Customers can contact Tplaza to facilitate a return or refund within the suggested time frame. Once the return is authorized, please note that both the item and its packaging need to be returned, including its inner original packaging, accessories, and any document that came with the shipment. Please use the original external packaging if it can be reused. Please do not attach any label on the internal packaging or remove the tags.

Please note the examination period is not a trial period, the items returned shall be in unused condition. Here are some guidelines for acceptance:

* Books CD/DVD and Magazine: items need to be kept brand new and must not be unwrapped. In case of signs of usage, the return will be denied.  Please note Books sold at retail outlets are not refundable.

* Product and all accompanying accessories need to be packed in the way it was received. The item should stay clean and unwashed.


Tplaza products are mostly imported, there are certain regional constraints of certain merchandise. For instance, DVD and media items have zone settings, although most DVD players now accept all zones. For 3C products with a CE mark, it is generally considered as complying with AU standards. Buyers shall take measure on their usage of the foreign goods in Australia regarding functions, safety and services.

Returning products will involve international logistics, hence introducing considerable time and cost. It is strongly recommended that customers read each respective product description carefully before purchase. If in doubt, please contact us (details below) through an enquiry.Please note that Tplaza reserves the right to cancel an order if ordered item(s) is/are not adaquate to import to Australia due to logistics and legal concern.

The time to process the return and refund will be depending largely upon its shipment and product type; for instance, a 3C product usually takes longer as it needs to be examined by its manufacturer to identify the cause of the defect, which could take more than a month.


If you have any further enquiries, please contact us at .


We wish you a wonderfully enjoyable shopping experience at TPlaza!